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Tackled into Touch

September 25, 2012 Rated: 5.00

Tackled into Touch

Any player that is tackle while in a space next to the touch line stands the chance of being tackled into touch by his opposition playe...

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The greatest ball carry in rugby history!

The greatest ball carry…

The modern game is all about running rugby. The carry. The hard yards. The slick hands. It’s what we rugby fans lov...

Play CT Live with VASSAL

Play CT Live with VASSA…

It's not quite Crash Tackle Rugby for iPad, but it's a great way to play against live CT opponents around the world...

The Skill of Luck

The Skill of Luck

Crash Tackle, like most board games, uses an element of luck in it's mechanics. The use of luck immediately throws ...

Latest Additional Rules

Off-side at the ruck

Hits:1159 | Rated: 5.00

Off-side at the ruck

Once a ruck is formed an imaginary off-side line forms from behind the last grounded player on each ...

Clearing the ball

Hits:1160 | Rated: 4.60

Clearing the ball

The scrumhalf is responsible for clearing the ball from the ruck and very rarely gets involved in on...

Moving over players

Hits:1165 | Rated: 4.60

Moving over players

Moving through crowded areas where players are packed together will slow even the fastest players. ...

Game Tips & Tactics

Hits:588 | Rated: 4.50

Watch a real rugby game

Watch a real game of Rugby. Often I have been sitting in the stands and thought to myself - "Hey! I ...

Hits:588 | Rated: 4.67

Forward drive

Using your forwards is the best way to create gaps in your opponents defense. Use them to run at you...

Hits:589 | Rated: 5.00

Secure the victory!

Sometimes it's better to kick for 3 points than push for the try. Everybody loves to score tries, bu...