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Competing for the ball

March 04, 2014 Rated: 4.40

Competing for the ball

In line-outs and scrums, winning the ball can depend entirely on how much each team is willing to compete for it! Before the ball is t...

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The greatest ball carry in rugby history!

The greatest ball carry…

The modern game is all about running rugby. The carry. The hard yards. The slick hands. It’s what we rugby fans lov...

Play CT Live with VASSAL

Play CT Live with VASSA…

It's not quite Crash Tackle Rugby for iPad, but it's a great way to play against live CT opponents around the world...

The Skill of Luck

The Skill of Luck

Crash Tackle, like most board games, uses an element of luck in it's mechanics. The use of luck immediately throws ...

Latest Additional Rules

Piling into the ruck!

Hits:1740 | Rated: 5.00

Piling into the ruck!

A Ruck is, at best, chaos with countless players throwing their weight into an ever increasing mass ...

Ball Bounce

Hits:1749 | Rated: 4.67

Ball Bounce

The rugby balls’ unpredictable bounce has created many a spectacular try, and devastated even more d...

Moving over players

Hits:1749 | Rated: 4.33

Moving over players

Moving through crowded areas where players are packed together will slow even the fastest players. ...

Game Tips & Tactics

Hits:940 | Rated: 4.67

Play in the opposition 22m

With ball in hand you really want to try and get into the opponents 22m area as soon as possible, es...

Hits:941 | Rated: 4.00

Always have a Game Plan

Start every game with a definate plan. Know what your tactics are and how your going to achieve them...

Hits:941 | Rated: 5.00

Keep moving forward

The only way to really put pressure on your opponent is to keep advancing. Try to get your team movi...