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About Crash Tackle - The Rugby Board Game

contents of crash tackle rugby gameYou break down the blind side and tear through the defence. You're out in the clear. Almost. The only thing standing between you and international rugby glory is 120kg's of bone crunching muscle. You've got the pace, but have you got the guts?

This is the action packed world of rugby board games and Crash Tackle™ is the world leader!

Crash Tackle™ is the sports board game that combines all the action and strategy of real international rugby union into a challenging and realistic rugby game simulation. Crash Tackle lets you take control of the toughest teams in the world and feel what it's like to be the best!

Pound your opponents with fearless forward drives, feed the ball to your ever elusive backs, chip n' chase, or play it safe and kick for touch. Whatever your rugby tactics or game plan Crash Tackle™ lets you decide when to Make the breaks, force the errors, and take your chances!

Tell me more about the rugby board game Crash Tackle™

Crash Tackle™ is the rugby union board game that brings all the fast paced heart pumping action of real rugby right to your table top!

Crash Tackle™ is a strategy based sports board game that is played by two 'Coaches' who must manoeuvre their team of 15 players around the field in a battle of wits, strategy and luck. Crash Tackle™ authentically mirrors the infinite variety of on-field rugby situations where the right moves bring points, but errors of judgment are punished!

Yet it appeals equally to novice and expert, as a family game that can be enjoyed as much by beginners as by the seasoned rugby union enthusiast.

What makes Crash Tackle™ so unique?

Well, primarily it is the level of control and involvement that the player or "coach" has in the game. Unlike the many on-line fantasy rugby simulations and sports games where a team is constructed and the results of matches are calculated based on team statistics, Crash Tackle™ allows the coach to make decisions for each player and the rugby team as a whole - and all in response to his opponents moves. This is a level of control that even rugby console games, despite the obvious attractions of arcade game-play, cannot offer.

Crash Tackle™ is rather like chess for rugby enthusiasts, with a startling degree of realism. Rugby players and fans are constantly surprised by the parallels that can be drawn between Crash Tackle™ and the sport of rugby union itself.

The Rugby Field

Beautifully illustrated with accurate field markings, poles and advertising boards, this unique 800x540mm, 8 piece interlocking field is where all the action takes place!

rugby player markersThe Rugby Players

Each game contain 30 illustrated player markers. Finely detailed with realistic kit, hair styles, headgear, rugby gloves and bandages etc.

Pressure Play Cards

Crash Tackle™ includes 25 Pressure Play cards. These cards are used to perform special rugby moves and abilities that do not rely on the dice. Use them in combinations to string together 100's of mind blowing moves that will have your opposition gasping!

The Skill Chart

The Skill Chart is the key to playing Crash Tackle. It determines each rugby players ability to perform vital actions like Kick, Pass or Gather.

Rulebook for Crash TackleThe Training Guide (Rule Book)

This well structured and simply written guide clearly explains the basics of playing Crash Tackle™ as well as an advanced section for the hardened Crash Tackle™ coach.

Score Sheet

Use this to keep track of the score and scorers during game play. You can also vote your man of the match!

The Support Team

The Crash Tackle™ team are dedicated to bringing you a great product, we are always developing new innovations, rules and product 'add-ons' to make your Crash Tackle™ experience an exciting one.

Our web site is pack tighter than a New Zealand scrum with great info and latest CT news to make sure Crash Tackle™ becomes more than just a board game!

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