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Secure the victory!

Sometimes it's better to kick for 3 points than push for the try. Everybody loves to score tries, but are they more important than a win? Good times to try for a drop-goal or kick for posts are to get the first points on the board, to gain the lead just before half time and of course to sneak a win if just trailing at the end of the game.

Remember your opportunity to score might not come again!

Remember that rugby is a game where big leads can be whittled down by good patient play. Kick for goal, get the easy points and slowly claw your way back into the game. The moment you are within 7 points of the opposition it is game on - your opponent is back under pressure to defend.

This tactic will of course depend on the situation, as sometimes a try might be the only way to win the game!


Every Point Counts!

In a tight game every point you can save puts your team in a stronger position. If your opponent scores on the red space under the poles it is considered that the conversion kick is unmisable and he will receive the extra 2 points without having to make a dice roll. By placing a player on that red space he will be unable to score on it and you will be forced to roll for his conversion. With any luck he'll miss and thats 2 less points you have to worry about!


Penalty Try

Due to the growing amount of foul play in CT games :) we have had numerous calls for a Penalty Try ruling. Here it is.

If a penalty is awarded to the attacking side within the opposition 22m area a penalty try may be awarded to the attacking team.

To receive the Penalty try the attacking side must prove that they would DEFINITELY have scored a try in their following turn. The attacking side may make use of any Pressure Play cards they are holding to prove that the try would have been scored (no dice roll may be made to prove the point).

If the attacking side would DEFINITELY have scored then the Penalty Try is awarded. The conversion is automatic (as penalty tries are scored under the posts) so the attacking side will receive 7 points!

This rule compliments of Albertus (SA)

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