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Ball Bounce

The rugby balls’ unpredictable bounce has created many a spectacular try, and devastated even more defences! Using the Bounce Template below you can replicate these bounces in Crash Tackle.

When will it bounce?

Once kicked, the ball will bounce at the start of the kicking sides next turn - it will bounce before any other action or movement, with the exception of the ‘Chaser’ rule below.

How does it bounce?

  • Place the template on top of the ball, pointing the red arrow to the opposition try-line.
  • Roll both dice and add their total. The total number rolled relates to a space on the Bounce Template and determines the direction the ball will bounce.. 
  • Using the same dice roll use just the number on the green dice to determine how many spaces the ball bounces. An odd number will move 1 space and an even number will move 2 spaces.
  • Place the ball on the space determined by the above and continue playing as normal.

NOTE: The template has the same numbers on the left and right. Always bounce the ball in the direction of the closest touchline.

  • If the ball bounces over the touch line a line-out occurs on the space it crosses the touch line.
  • If it bounces over the dead-ball line then the opposition is awarded a scrum on the space where the ball was kicked.
  • The ball will continue to bounce at the start of each of the kicking teams turns until it’s gathered or out of play.
  • If the ball bounces and lands directly on another player, then this player is deemed to automatically have gathered the ball.
  • If using the bounce rule all kicks for touch (except from within the 22m and penalties) the ball must be bounced into touch using the bounce rules.

Bad Bounce

If you roll a double 6 then you receive a bad bounce! The ball bounces unpredictably making it impossible for you to gather. The ball can not be gathered by your team in this turn - the ball remains where it is.


If at the beginning of the kicking sides turn, they have a player in a space next to the ball he can make one last attempt to gather the ball before it bounces. If this attempt is failed the ball will immediately bounce.

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