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Clearing the ball

The scrumhalf is responsible for clearing the ball from the ruck and very rarely gets involved in one. His job is to wait for the ruck to be protected - then gather and pass the ball to his waiting team mates.

If ALL the opposition players in the ruck are grounded and all the protection spaces on your side of the ruck are occupied, then your scrumhalf may gather the ball from the gate.


Use the width of the field

Passing the ball through the hands and moving your players from one side of the field to another is a great way to disrupt your opponents defense and potential counter attacking moves. Try hitting his defense on one side of the field in one turn and then spread the ball wide and hit it on the other side. While he's busy reshuffling his defense to react to your attacks their is a good chance good gaps will appear.


Flat Pass

The Flat Pass allows shallow lying attackers to receive the ball at pace and gain that little extra momentum on attack - it's a risky move, but those valuable meters can make all the difference.

If a player wishes to Pass to a player who is directly inline with them they are considered to be making a Flat Pass. This type of Pass would require greater accuracy and split second timing, and therefor would be more difficult to execute.

For this reason we have introduced this rule...

If passing to a player that is directly inline you must roll less than the passing players Ball Skill i.e. a roll equal to the Ball Skill would be considered a fail.

The rest of the ruling is identical to the normal Passing rule.

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