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Every Point Counts!

In a tight game every point you can save puts your team in a stronger position. If your opponent scores on the red space under the poles it is considered that the conversion kick is unmisable and he will receive the extra 2 points without having to make a dice roll. By placing a player on that red space he will be unable to score on it and you will be forced to roll for his conversion. With any luck he'll miss and thats 2 less points you have to worry about!



Shouldering your opponent is a great way to defend against the 'chip 'n chase'. Most players place the kick in a position where their player can just reach it. By placing your player in a space to the front of the ball you force your opponent to run around you (as he can't end his turn on top of you) and effectively stop him from getting to the ball!


Cleaning Out

Opposition players can cause frustration by deliberately blocking you from getting to the ball. Players grounded / standing on the wrong side of a ruck is an example of this.

What to do...

Any opposition player preventing access to a space next the ball can be cleaned out! Simply move your forward onto the same space as the blocking player. Now move the blocking player to any empty space next to him.

Note: A player can be 'Cleaned Out!' and moved into a 'Protection Space' resulting in the cleaned out player being rucked.

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