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Moving over players

Moving through crowded areas where players are packed together will slow even the fastest players.

What to do...

A player can step on top another player but his next move must be on to an empty space. He can not end his turn on top of another player.



Deliberately placing team mates in front of your ball carrier is a great way to block tacklers, but it is also illegal! A player in front of the ball carrier could obstruct a defender from making a tackle, and can be penalised.

What to do...

The player is considered to be obstructing if he is STANDING in any of the 3 tackle zones in front of the ball carrier during the defending sides turn. A defender must be able to reach this tackle zone in his movement for the obstruction to be called.

  • If a player is considered to be obstructing then a referee roll MUST be made.
  • If the roll is failed- a penalty is awarded to the defending team on the spot where the ball is.
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