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Rugby Sevens

Bring the fast paced action of Rugby Sevens to your Crash Tackle field. The following Sevens rules are a great way learn the basics of Crash Tackle as well as developing your running rugby, and defensive skills.

Sevens is played with the standard Crash Tackle rules with the following exceptions...

Game Length
Although in theory the game of sevens only lasts 7 minutes per side, it is a little quick for a game of Crash Tackle. We suggest a game of 10 turns per player per half (20 turns/player full time).

Only seven players per side using any 7 players chosen from the standard 15.

Skill Chart
All these players skills remain the same, however in the case of conversions, penalty kicks and drop goals a skill of 6 is used regardless of the players Ball Skill. This is done to promote a running game, the spirit in which Sevens is played!

Scrum are set up using any 4 players from each side (see diagram below). All other scrum rules apply.


Lineouts are set up using 3 players from each side (see diagram). These players can be placed anywhere on their side of the lineout template. The side awarded the lineout chooses a player to feed the ball (effectively this player takes the place of No.2 in the standard rules). All other lineout rules apply.


In Sevens the side who scores kick off at the restart.

Pressure Play Cards
Pressure Play cards are handle in the same manor as the 15 man game. However if using the Test Match rules each team gets only 7 cards at the beginning of each half.

Each team is allowed only 5 subs per game. Normal rules apply.

Yellow Cards
A player given a yellow card is removed from the field for 2 turns. He may return to the field in the next dead ball after his 2 turn suspension.

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