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Tackled into Touch

Any player that is tackle while in a space next to the touch line stands the chance of being tackled into touch by his opposition player. The ball carriers skills are essential to keeping the ball in play and alive!
When tackled the player must make a 'Touch Judge' roll to see if he is dragged in to touch.

What to do…

Roll both dice. If the number rolled is...

  • Equal or Less then that players Ball Skill - Some fanastic skills and good foot work allows this player to keep the ball in field. The game continues as normal.
  • More then that players Ball Skill - Chalk and turf fly as both players slide over the touch line in spectacular fashion. The Touch Judge awards a lineout to the opposition. Take the line out on the space in touch ahead of the tackled player (shown above with an arrow).

Short Fuse

Furious with his inability to keep the ball in play the tackled player throws the ball away in disgust and pushes his tackler to the floor. The referee awards a penalty to the opposition in line with the tackle and on the 5 metre line (dotted line below).

Note - If the 'Flip Pass' card is used the pass is considered to be made before the player is bundled into touch and therefor no 'Touch Judge' roll is necessary.

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