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Use your players effectively

Each type of player in your team has a specific roll to play and they will perform well in certain circumstances and poorly in others. Knowing your players limitations will greatly improve your team's chances of victory.

FORWARDS: These are the tough guys in your team and are built for making the hard yards! The Forwards are best used as a pack as they have a small Movement Skill. They work best when charged at defenders, forcing the tackle and creating gaps for your faster players to exploit.

BACKS: The Backs combine good Ball Skills with a good Movement skill making them fast and reliable on attack. Use these guys in the mid-field when the opposition defense has been broken down by the Forwards. Their speed and handling will make short work of any gaps in the defense allowing them to get behind the opposition and gain valuable ground!

WINGERS: They say there is no counter for speed and with these guys you'll understand why! The Wings are used out wide to simply run the ball toward the try line as far and as fast as possible. There low Ball Skill is there downfall so always try to use them as the last link in your attack. Avoid using them to Kick, Gather or Pass, just give 'em the ball and watch them run!

FULLBACK: This player is the most highly skilled player in your team, but there is only one of them! He is a vital piece in both defense and attack and learning how to use him effectively in either will win you countless games! He should spend most of the game patrolling the empty area behind your team. His Ball Skill and Movement means you have a reliable and fast defender to sort out any deep attacks that may come your way! Also, don't be scared to bring him forward into the attack. A man with his skills can really provide some punch up front! - See more at: http://www.crashtacklerugbygame.com/rugby-board-game-tactics/5-general-rugby-tactics/115-using-your-players-effectively#sthash.vCo47haM.dpuf

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