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Forward drive

Using your forwards is the best way to create gaps in your opponents defense. Use them to run at your opponents defenders forcing them to tackle and go to ground. Your players will get up at the end of your turn, your opponents will only get up at the end of his and that effectively means that he will have fewer players to use in his turn!

The Forwards also have the added advantage of being able to ruck. Rucks are a great way to secure the ball, suck in the defense and set up an off-side line... 3 great ways to ensure your team can keep going forward.


Targeting key players

As in rugby, there are certain key players in Crash Tackle too. These are the players that have the ability to turn a game in a matter of seconds. By keeping opposition players like the scrum-half or fullback grounded, or injured, as often as possible, you limit their potential to make any impact on the game.


The deep kick

Kicking the ball deep into your opponents territory applies huge pressure to his defence. His players use up their moves getting back to the ball and even if they gather it they are unable to launch an attack if they've used their moves up that turn.


Break the advantage line

The only way to really put pressure on your opponent is to break the advantage line. Every turn you must make sure that your team are moving the ball forward and past it's last position! Try to get behind your opponents defense and set up a Ruck.

This forces them to turn and fall back. Remember players ahead of the ruck are considered off-side and are in effect useless to defend, so the more you force your team behind the defenders the more pressure you put on your opponents defense!

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