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What to do and when?

Possession means you can score! Every turn try and gain as much ground as possible, this will bring you closer to the try-line and hence closer to scoring! You will probably have to run into some defenders to do this - don't be afraid, its all part of the game. Remember to make the breaks, force the errors and to take your chances!

This is the most difficult part because you need to have lots of patience. There is nothing you can do except move your players around setting up your defense and making tackles. Your aim is to try and apply pressure and this forces errors. You do all of this by setting up some of your players next to the ball carrier so they can tackle him in his turn. The rest of your team needs to be set up to make sure there are no gaps. They also have to be placed in positions where you think your opponent is going to try and attack at or through.


Cover Defence

In rugby union the key to a good defense is a good cover defence. By holding a few players slightly back off the attacking line you give your a defense a fair chance to cover any of those unforseen breaks through your line. These players have a little more time to react as they are already postioned back and can in most circumstances make the ground to tackle the breaking player.

The introduction of the new Cover Defense rules for Crash Tackle make the creation of a water tight defense that much easier!


Defence is Key!

A team's attack is only as good as their defense. Be sure not to fall into the trap of involving too many men into your attack and thereby weakening your defense. The game of Crash Tackle has a nasty way of turning the tables. And when you least expect it!

During your turn be sure to organize your defense before attacking, that way at least if you do fail a dice roll the gaps in your defense are well plugged!


Tackle Zones

The key to minimizing gaps in your defence is to create as many tackle zones as possible. The more tackle zones you have on the field the less likely your opponent is of making breaks through your defence.

Try to spread your defenders effectively and try to limit the amount of overlapping Tackle Zones. Doing this will give you a good defensive barrier against any attack.

EXAMPLE: The Italian team has spread their defense across the field and made very effective use of their tackle zones with no gaps!

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