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The 'Up and Under' kick

This is a great move to keep your opponent under pressure and forcing him on to the back foot! It involves placing a strategic kick in behind his defense and charging after it with some fast paced players! This tactic works best when the opposition has been softened up with a few good rucks and his defense is stretched! Check out the example below...

The Aussies suck in the Boks with a good ruck and position some speed on the wing. In this example they pick out the winger for the up & under as his Ball Skills will make it very difficult to get hold of the ball. The Aussie No.10 Kicks the ball in behind the winger.

The speedsters set off after the ball and position them selves so as to block the boks No.4 & No.13 from getting to it! This leaves the job of Gathering up to the winger - and we all know how good he is under pressure!!! If the winger gathers from any of the spaces marked with a X, then he is going to get tackled which leaves him with the 2 spaces against the touch line. This effectively pushes him wide and leaves a nice hole in the defence that the opposition will need to plug. If he fails that pick up you've got tons of room to move!!! And if by some chance he does gather, his team mates would have been stretched to fill the defensive gap that a counter is out of the question!


Pressure from the kick-off

In the game of rugby the Kick Off and restart are the best times to put your opponent under huge pressure, with his men spread to receive the ball you have the opportunity to postition the ball in areas where he is weakest.

One tactic is to drop the ball just over the 10m line and postion 3 forwards in a triangular formation around the ball. Select the front most player to tackle. By doing this you force the opposition to make 2 gather rolls before he even gets going!

If you are using the additional Cover Defense rules, then this tactic is even more effective as the Cover defense rules will really allow you to swamp him!


The deep kick

Kicking the ball deep into your opponents territory applies huge pressure to his defence. His players use up their moves getting back to the ball and even if they gather it they are unable to launch an attack if they've used their moves up that turn.


Charge Down!

Kicking under pressure is one thing, but making an accurate kick when you have 120 kg’s of muscle bearing down on you is something completely different!

What to do...

Any player attempting to kick the ball with an opponent within 3 spaces (to the front 90º of them) will be under massive pressure to successfully kick.

  • If the roll to kick is failed then the kick has been ‘Charged Down!’ and your turn ends immediately.
  • Using the Ball Bounce rules place the Bounce Template on the player who Charged Down the ball (As the ball would bounce off him), facing the arrow towards the kicking players try-line, and roll the dice to determine where the Charged Down ball lands.
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