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Clearing the ball

The scrumhalf is responsible for clearing the ball from the ruck and very rarely gets involved in one. His job is to wait for the ruck to be protected - then gather and pass the ball to his waiting team mates.

If ALL the opposition players in the ruck are grounded and all the protection spaces on your side of the ruck are occupied, then your scrumhalf may gather the ball from the gate.


Piling into the ruck!

A Ruck is, at best, chaos with countless players throwing their weight into an ever increasing mass of bodies. And when a frenzy for the ball starts, there's no telling how ugly it can get!

What to do...

  • Once a ruck has been formed your players may stand on top of any grounded players involved in the ruck. This can be used to further protect or ruck the opposisition or to gather the ball.
  • Grounded players stuck underneath other players can only stand up once the other players have moved off of them.
  • There is no limit to the number of players you can pile into the ruck but you can not stand on top of the ball carrier.



Forward drive

Using your forwards is the best way to create gaps in your opponents defense. Use them to run at your opponents defenders forcing them to tackle and go to ground. Your players will get up at the end of your turn, your opponents will only get up at the end of his and that effectively means that he will have fewer players to use in his turn!

The Forwards also have the added advantage of being able to ruck. Rucks are a great way to secure the ball, suck in the defense and set up an off-side line... 3 great ways to ensure your team can keep going forward.


Entering through the Gate

Once a ruck has been formed any other players wanting to join the ruck, either to protect the ball or gather, must do so through an area called 'The Gate'. This area is directly behind your side of the ruck and ensures that players are entering the ruck from an on-side position.

What to do...

Your players must first step on a space within the gate (see example) before entering the ruck. Failing to do so may result in a penalty to be determined by a referee roll.

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