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The element of surprise

Letting your opponent know what to expect next limits your attacking opportunities. Try to vary your methods of attack to keep your opponent's defence as hesitant as possible. If he doesn't know what to expect, he will tend to keep his defence deeper and therefore allow you more gaps to break through!


Watch a real rugby game

Watch a real game of Rugby. Often I have been sitting in the stands and thought to myself - "Hey! I should do that in Crash Tackle!". Almost anything possible in a real game of Rugby can be replicated in Crash Tackle, so go ahead and try it!

In fact Cross Kicks where being tried in Crash Tackle even before they where seen in a real game of rugby! True story!

A game at the stadium allows you to appreciate the game as a whole with out the confines of camera angles. You can see the entire field, watch how players position themselves and set up defensive lines or attacking plays. It's this kind of detail that is missed when watching the game on TV.


Create a game plan

Creating and refering to a simple checklist is a great way to improve your rugby game. When the game starts, as a coach you should be able to read effectively the opposition's strengths and weaknesses and alter your strategy accordingly.

Use a simple checklist with the tactic you will apply to counter strengths or exploit weaknesses. For instance, identifying their best player may change the way they are marked and a simple change in defensive strategy could pull the game back into balance.


Secure the victory!

Sometimes it's better to kick for 3 points than push for the try. Everybody loves to score tries, but are they more important than a win? Good times to try for a drop-goal or kick for posts are to get the first points on the board, to gain the lead just before half time and of course to sneak a win if just trailing at the end of the game.

Remember your opportunity to score might not come again!

Remember that rugby is a game where big leads can be whittled down by good patient play. Kick for goal, get the easy points and slowly claw your way back into the game. The moment you are within 7 points of the opposition it is game on - your opponent is back under pressure to defend.

This tactic will of course depend on the situation, as sometimes a try might be the only way to win the game!

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