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Olympic Rugby in 2016

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2016 will see the inclusion of the game of rugby as an Olympic sport after a period of over 90 years. The sport will be reintroduced in it's 7 aside variation rather then the 15 aside format last included in 1924. Although not as common as the 15 man version, the decision to include the game is certainly a major step forward for the popularity of the sport.

Rugby only ever appeared as an olympic sport 4 times and made it's debut appearance in the Paris Olympics in 1900, London in 1908, Antwerp in 1920 and again in Paris for the last time in 1924. What may come as a shock to the hardened rugby fan is the fact that not only was the USA the most successful Olympic Rugby team, by winning gold in both the 1920 and 1924 Olympics, but they are the current Olympic Rugby Champions, a title they have held for 90 years!!!

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